Import and distribution

Import and distribution

Import and distribution

We are a strategic partner in the development of  pharmaceutical distribution sector in Poland and Europe

Our range of services includes specialized import assistance, EU certification as well as the distribution of medicinal products. We ensure full coverage of the wholesale channel in Poland.

  • We work with major pharmaceutical wholesalers, leading pharmacy chains, as well as hospital supply companies and providers of logistics solutions for the pharmaceutical industry.
  • We have a wide network of distribution partners for EU markets.
  • We are the go-to partner for foreign manufacturers who want to introduce their product to the Polish market, and are looking for a suitable distributor.
Medezin - jesteśmy strategicznym partnerem w rozwoju dystrybucji farmaceutycznej w Polsce i Europie

Import and certification of medicinal products

We import and certify medicinal products

We provide import and certification services for medicinal products on the basis of a permit issued by the Polish Chief Pharmaceutical Inspector (permit number: 261/0613/20).

Our partners can expect comprehensive support at each stage of the import process, in particular in the field of logistics of deliveries to Poland, coordination of customs and fiscal clearance, customs warehousing, laboratory tests, trials, certification or storage of released products.

We also provide regulatory support to our clients. We help in the registration of medicinal products and medical devices, and we support partners in reimbursement proceedings as well as the implementation and operation of Pharmacovigilence systems.

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Medezin - magazyn importera


Importer warehouse

The importer warehouse is a key component of our latest investment in a modern facility that also features:

  • Pharmaceutical wholesale facility (meeting the requirements of the GDP),
  • Production plant (repackaging plant) for medicinal products, medical devices, cosmetics and dietary supplements (operating according to GMP standards).
Medezin - położenie magazynu


Location of the facility

The facility is located in the central part of Poland in Konstantynów Łódzki, close to the strategic traffic junction connecting the A1 (north-south) and A2 (east-west) motorways, which facilitates domestic and foreign transport.

Storage of medicinal products

We offer storage services for medicinal products

We have modern high-bay warehouses that meet the requirements of the Good Distribution Practice.

We have warehouses in Łódź, Poznań and Konstantynów Łódzki.

Our storage facilities feature controlled conditions, guaranteeing temperatures of 2–8 °C and 15-25 °C and suitable humidity levels.

Pharmaceutical distribution

We distribute medicinal products

We are a partner for foreign pharmaceutical manufacturers aiming to develop their market position in Poland and Europe. We help our clients develop and implement optimal strategies to successfully enter foreign markets and reach their target groups: pharmaceutical wholesalers, pharmacies, hospitals and patients.

We know how to reach the target groups of our partners:

Medezin - hurtownie farmaceutyczne

Pharmaceutical wholesalers

Medezin - szpitale


Medezin - apteki


Medezin - pacjenci


Distribution to wholesalers

We ensure full coverage of the wholesale channel in Poland

We work with all leading pharmaceutical wholesalers in Poland, giving our partners the capability of covering the entire wholesale pharmaceutical distribution channel. Through our wide network of pan-European contacts, they can also expand their wholesale operations to foreign markets.

Medezin - zapewniamy pełne pokrycie kanału hurtowego w Polsce

Distribution to pharmacies

We ensure direct access to pharmacies

We cooperate with all the leading pharmacy chains in Poland. But we also supply individual pharmacies directly.

Our tight-knit cooperation with PGF of the Pelion Group, one of the three leading pharmaceutical wholesalers in Poland, means broad access to pharmacies throughout the country.

The Pelion Group also operates the largest chain of pharmacies integrated under DOZ brand in Poland.

Support in the sales of medicinal products

We provide sales support

We help pharmaceutical manufacturers convey their message to selected target groups, especially pharmacies, doctors and patients.

Medezin - zespół przedstawicieli medycznych i aptecznych

A team of medical and pharmaceutical representatives

Medezin - kampanie edukacyjne  i promocyjne

Educational and promotional campaigns

Medezin - programy dla aptek

Programs for pharmacies

Medezin - sklep wyłącznego dystrybutora

We operate the exclusive distributor store

We have a team of medical and pharmaceutical representatives. We also promote the products we distribute in specialist magazines and on industry websites, as well as during trade fairs or conferences. We organize workshops for doctors, pharmacists and patients.

We are the owner of the store is an exclusive distributor store where patients can stock up on selected Imunoglukan P4H®/Imunoglukan P4H® PLUS dietary supplements to support natural immunity and Sideral® dietary supplements containing Sucrosomial Iron®. At the same time, is a source of expert knowledge for selected issues in the field of health care.

We are the exclusive distributor of the following brands:

Imunoglukan P4H®Kliknij, aby przejść do strony SiderAL®

Visit our online store:

PhamilyPl - nasz sklep internetowy

Logistics support

We provide transport in controlled conditions

We can transport your product in controlled temperature conditions. Thanks to the broad and innovative logistics facilities of the Pelion Group companies, we are able to guarantee highly effective and optimized transport processes, which translate into short delivery times and competitive conditions for our customers.

Our main logistics partner for the pharmaceutical industry is Pharmalink from the Pelion Group, which offers domestic and international pharmaceutical transport services, enhanced by a modern distribution center and innovative logistics solutions for the pharmaceutical industry.

For products addressed to the hospital market, we cooperate with Urtica from the Pelion Group, which is a leading domestic supplier for the in-patient care market.

Other services

Parallel import of medicinal products

The parallel import of medicinal products involves legal distribution of medication by authorized pharmaceutical wholesalers. In this system, distributors purchase medication in any country of the European Union and sells it in their own country, in parallel to the distribution system operated by the manufacturer.


Both patients and the State health care system benefit from parallel import, because the State pays less for the costs of medication reimbursed to patients.

  • Thanks to parallel import, Polish patients pay less at the pharmacy for the medication they need!
As much as 80% of all parallel imported medicines are prescription drugs, with medications used to treat diseases of the cardiovascular system and the central nervous system being most popular. For the average patient, this may amount to monthly savings of over ten to even several hundred zlotys

Maja Nowakowska

Parallel Import Manager

The parallel import program of Medezin Sp. z o. o. means

Medezin - szeroka oferta produktowa

A wide range of products

Medezin - znane marki,  najlepsze ceny

Popular brands,
best prices

Medezin - elastyczne warunki współpracy

Flexible terms of cooperation

Medezin - Indywidualne podejście do klienta

Individual approach to each client

Medezin - najmilszy dział  obsługi telefonicznej

The friendliest call center ever

Medezin - profesjonalna wycena

Professional pricing quote

We are the top partner for the parallel import of medicinal products

Medezin meets all the quality requirements across the entire distribution chain:

  • permit to operate a pharmaceutical warehouse,
  • GDP (Good Distribution Practice) certificate,
  • integrity of the supply chain - we purchase products only with the knowledge and consent of the trademark owner from qualified pharmaceutical wholesalers that are members of international associations (Affordable Medicines Europe) and we sell only to authorized pharmaceutical wholesalers, pharmacies and pharmacy outlets,
  • when it comes to product repackaging, we operate in accordance with the GMP standard, ensuring top quality of the process with release to the market by Qualified Persons,
  • we transport medication in controlled temperature conditions only, using carriers specialized in the transport of medicinal products,
  • our company is regularly audited by the relevant pharmaceutical regulatory authorities.