About Medezin

About Medezin

We are a strategic partner for pharmaceutical distribution in Poland and Europe, and are part of the Pelion S.A. group, the largest company of the health care sector in Poland.

We provide comprehensive support at all stages of sales development on the pharmaceutical market. We assist in the import of medicinal products and their certification in the EU. We help our partners reach out to key institutions on the health care market to present their product and convey their message. We work with major pharmaceutical wholesalers, leading pharmacy chains, as well as hospital suppliers and providers of specialist logistics solutions for the pharmaceutical industry. We also assist our clients in regulatory issues or laboratory tests, and offer sales support and medical promotion services.

  • The range of services offered by Medezin Sp. z o. o. also includes a repackaging facility conveniently located in central Poland and operating in accordance with GMP standards. Our comprehensive offer in the field of repackaging, labeling and printing packaging builds our competitive edge, while our location (near the intersection of key motorways in Poland, providing north/south and east/west connections) further enhances distribution logistics and is an additional plus.
  • Medezin Sp. z o. o. also offers a comprehensive packet of services designed to handle clinical trials. We do business based on a permit to operate a full-profile pharmaceutical wholesaler facility, and we hold a DPD certificate. Our role here is to source medicinal products for clinical trials, and accordingly label, certify and release them. We are responsible for transport in controlled conditions, as well as returns and disposal.
  • Medezin Sp. z o. o. is also the owner of Phamily.pl - an online exclusive distributor store, which offers Imunoglukan P4H® dietary supplements to support natural immunity, Sideral® dietary supplements containing Sucrosomial iron as well as the Gengigel® teething gel. At the same time, Phamily.pl is a place of expert knowledge for selected issues regarding health.
  • But above all, Medezin are its people! They are the key capital of our company.

Who is Medezin Sp. z o. o.?

Medezin - parter w rozwoju dystrybucji farmaceutycznej

Solid partner for the developing pharmaceutical distribution sector

Medezin - importer produktów  leczniczych

Importer of medicinal products

Medezin - pełne pokrycie kanału hurtowego w kraju

Partner with full coverage of the wholesale channel in Poland

Medezin - przepakowania produktów leczniczych

Repackager of medicinal products

Medezin - magazyn hurtowni farmaceutycznej

Operator of a wholesale pharmaceutical warehouse

Medezin - specjalista w obsłudze badań klinicznych

Specialist in clinical trial management

Mission and values


We help manufacturers of medicines and dietary supplements achieve success in Poland, ensuring that the product and accompanying message are properly conveyed and delivered to target groups.

  • We are fully committed to achieving the goals of our client by applying our unique competences: know-how, experience, excellent knowledge of the Polish pharmaceutical distribution market and an international capital of confidence.
  • Our partners can expect the comfort of stable and efficient cooperation, the pursuit of market opportunities and control over the distribution chain.


Medezin - nasze wartości - zaangażowanie


to learning and understanding the needs of the client, searching for optimal solutions, achieving goals and building relationships.

Medezin - nasze wartości - otwartość


to the individual needs of the client, expectations coming from the environment, new possibilities and solutions.

Medezin - nasze wartości - odpowiedzialność


that is expected from a market leader: responsibility for the safety of patients, for entrusted products, financial success and reputation of the client.

Medezin - nasze wartości - entuzjazm


to develop good and lasting relationships, partnerships and projects.


As part of Pelion S.A., we are implementing a policy of sustainable development, based on the ethics of business and focus on innovative solutions that serve society and the patients.

We strive to achieve the goals of the Global Compact agreement pertaining to the protection of human rights, maintaining the highest working standards, counteracting corruption and environmental protection.

In our activities, we are guided by the principles of honesty, responsibility, transparency and mutual trust, as stated in the Code of Ethics of Pelion S.A. employees.

Medezin CSR

Our Management

Medezin - Krzysztof Głąbica - Krzysztof Głąbica

Krzysztof Głąbica

Vice President

A graduate of the Faculty of Economics at the University of Economics in Katowice in the field of International Economic Relations and Global Issues, as well as the Higher School of Management in Katowice. He has been working for Pelion S.A. since 1995, having started as a Sales Specialist, later promoted to Sales Manager. Since 2011, he has been working with Pharmapoint S.A., and now holds the position of Vice President at Medezin Sp. z o. o.

Medezin - Wiceprezes Zarządu ds. Rozwoju - Jana Nowak-Blahová

Jana Nowak-Blahová

Vice President, Development

A graduate of the Faculty of Enterprise Management at the University of Economics in Bratislava and postgraduate studies in Logistics and Supply Chain Management at the Lodz University of Technology. She cooperated with Tatra Bank - the first private bank in Slovakia, belonging to the Austrian Raiffeisen group. She joined PGF S.A. in 2004, and since 2011 she has been working at Pharmapoint S.A., and now holds the position of Vice President at Medezin Sp. z o. o.

Medezin - Prokurent - Izabela Walasik

Izabela Walasik


A graduate of the Faculty of Pharmacy at the Medical University of Łódź. She also studied at King's College London and completed an internship at a pharmacy in Budapest. She started her professional career working at a generally accessible pharmacy. Since 2011, she has been working at Pharmapoint S.A., and is now at Medezin Sp. z o. o., where she is head of the Quality and Pharmaceutical Supervision Division, Professional Responsible and Proxy.

Medezin - Prokurent - Monika Kluczyk

Monika Kluczyk


A graduate of the Faculty of Physiotherapy at the Academy of Physical Education in Wrocław, she also completed a 2nd-degree course in Dietetics. For many years, she was involved in the promotion of health-supporting products at leading pharmaceutical companies. Since 2015, she has been working Pharmapoint S.A., and now holds the position of Domestic Sales Manager and Proxy at Medezin Sp. z o. o.